Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Post-morteming my final final exams

I got my final written final grade (still missing the paper...not sure what's going on there). The two grades are on the opposite spectrum of acheivable law school grades. And I am flummoxed with the results.

Let's recap how I did this:

My first final: I took my time in the library, I gathered with my classmates, I read and read and read, I used a fantastic outline, and walking into that test I felt damn good. Because of this preparation, I felt as if I did well walking out of the exam. At least a B+. The result: C

My last final: This was the class that I never actually read for all semester. I spent intensive time studying greens before the test date. The night before, I went to the last Bull's home victory of the post-season. One of my friends didn't study at all (we ended up going golfing). I studied in less time than it took me to actually write the final (I was done with the final in about an hour). The result: A

Go figure.