Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Blog Post #700: How I am studying for finals

I'm in the library studying with a close confidant for tomorrow's Commercial Paper. Over the past two hours, we have taken over a group study room in the library. This is how we roll:

  • There has been thoughts of murdering the gunner [who is in the class whuch final is tomorrow] who sprinted into a study room that had a dry erase board that my study partner and I wished to utilize drawing our finest stick figures and obscene UCC symbols. When confronted about his moving from one study room to another at warp speed, all the gunner could do was stare like an obese caught in the headlights of an 18-wheeler.
  • No less than 3 other 3Ls have told us that they are off to take their music law final. Their music law final is one matching section short of a high school P.E. exam...to say that we are envious is the understatement of the day.
  • After getting a practice question right, I would then engage in what was according to some, the whitest dance ever in celebration.
  • Hooting.
  • Hollering.
  • Thoughts of approaching the gunner from behind and 'bawkah'-ing like a chicken at the top of our lungs.
  • An elaborate discussion of the benefits of stealing two 1L's stack of 400 notecards of ConLaw review notes but deciding that if we were to do this, it would likely result in a notice of academic integrity violation.
  • Deciding to go golfing this weekend [but not on Sunday, because lying to my mom just isn't good karma on Mother's Day]
  • Very little studying.
Updates will continue as the study process continues:
  • We decided to leave school around 630ish. Figured that it was time for a break so we went back to my study partner's house. I made the fatal error in choosing to take Lake Shore Drive. And what should have been a 15 minute commute turned into 45. Yay study break.
  • Wii Madden 2007 (Him: Packers 56, Me: Bears 29) and Beer (Him: 2 Pacifica, Me: 2 Corona)
  • Dinner, Cubs game, and maybe a little studying