Sunday, May 13, 2007

When in doubt, use the process of elimination to guide your path to the correct answer

Test taking skills are not my forte. But, I think that when it comes to answering simple multiple choice questions, the answer can be cleared up for you. Here's my latest exam review question:

You receive a phone call the day before your last law school final. The phone call is from one of your closest friends who is an all-star of awesomeness. She offers you a ticket to what will likely be the last Bulls game of the year. What course of action do you take:
A) Study for your last final while cursing loudly at the TV as the Bulls lose
B) Go to the game, the last final be damned
C) While Citing Georgia v. Randolph, sentence an indigent defendant to the Gods of the 4th Amendment.
I think that the answer is clear.