Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I didn't bring my A game to the test

Commercial Paper was long, boring, and no one finished early. 180 minutes were filled with Transfer Warranties, Forged Necessary Indorsements, and the cast of The Office appearing as possible Defendants.

If you couldn't have guessed, I was in a jovial mood before the exam. Those in this area were cracking jokes and making plans for incorporating various phrases into their answers but I still wanted to do something. The best I could think of was simple:

"...When the defendant raises a personal defense, a holder in due course (much like the great trial lawyer Denny Crane) never loses..."
This is the slap-happiness that can occur while I'm in the middle of a boring test. What I am ashamed about is that someone beat me at my own game: one girl (the bride-to-be in this story) was able to incorporate Jack Bauer into one of her exam answers.

Game over...she wins.