Friday, November 05, 2010

Namby Pamby, Children's Art Critic

I was on my way to "do work" at the State of Illinois Building when I happened to meander by an exhibit on Epilepsy Awareness. The powers that be selected various pieces of art to commemorate awareness for this disease. (How artwork helps awareness of this disease is a discussion for the comments)

Here is the one piece of artwork that really caught my eye:

For those of you that can't read the text contained in the art, this piece is entitled "Epilepsy Wars" and features well known Epilepsy Advocates Darth Vader, Yoda, what looks like a drawing of a brain and several pills.

Not content to let the images speak for themselves, the artist has included dialogue for the audience to endure: Mr. Vader claims "I am your epilepsy" and Mr. Yoda states "Epilepsy, desire you not."

This piece speaks volumes. As to what it is saying, I'll let others decide.