Wednesday, November 03, 2010

This isn’t Monday, is it?

3:00am: Wake up sick. Can’t fall back asleep. At least the elections are over.
6:30am: Still sick. Have to work though.
8:30am: Court begins for the morning
9:31am: Motion hearing goes to hell in a handbasket.
9:32am: Denial: My exact words were “you cannot be serious judge”
9:38am: Anger at the judge. Catch myself before I drop the f-word in court. Finish statement: Your honor you have to be...f…kidding…the law is clear on this. You have no basis for this ruling
9:43am: Bargaining with the judge. One of the opposing counsel who is getting more screwed than I am is now beet red and looks like he is about to jump on the bench
9:45am: Judge continues the shitshow. Lecturing me.
9:46am: Depression sets in as I realize I’m about to be the judge’s bitch.
9:58am: Acceptance at the late-term abortion of justice that was just served up. Draft the order with the other counsel.
10:30am: Back to the office. Coffee in hand. Feeling like death.
10:45am: Defeat. I’m going to the doctor. I’m leaving the office at 1.
10:48am: Phone call: “Namby, this is the Judge’s clerk you were before this morning. I cannot enter this order…” Cue 20 minutes of this clerk screaming at me questioning my competence and basic understanding of law. My partner walks in as I am trying to beat myself to death with the phone. Have to make sure that I do not question her judge’s (a) senility, (b) intellect or (c) lack of male genitalia due to an unfortunate gavel incident.
11:45am: Partner drops large project on my desk that has to be done before I leave at 1.
12:45pm: The clerk calls again. “Am I catching you at a bad time?” Proceeds to inform me that she ran the order at issue by the supervising judge. Tells me that the supervising judge wants to see me in Chambers tomorrow to “discuss this”. [Let's say this supervising judge has a reputation for the opposite of being nice.]

Quite possibly the worst ten hours ever.

Until I went to the doctor and was given express orders to refrain from drinking for two weeks ordered to spend half a week’s salary on antibiotics and other prescription drugs.