Monday, August 23, 2010

Take this Sabbath day…or whatever you call the first day of class

As countless masses of lawyers in training start their first day of law school for the year, there is finally some good news for all unemployed, underemployed and soon to be lawyers out there!

The new Georgetown law school dean (or whatever they affectionately call the head of the Georgetown University Law Center) believes that the economy will inspire lawyers to do more of what they want as entrepreneurs, focus on public interest and identify areas of employment that resonates with why they came to law school in the first place. As if there weren’t enough people on the food stamp rolls…

But this got me thinking that it is time for a pop quiz for all of you out there:

What are the acceptable reasons to go to law school?

A. You possess a desire to spend the rest of your professional life working in public interest for a pauper’s wage never being able to pay off your loans, credit cards and/or bookie. But you then run for President as a Junior Senator from Illinois.

B. People always told you that you are good at arguing. And clearly, that’s all that lawyers do.

C. Chicks, money, power and chicks.

D. You have always wanted to start your own business that has a 1 in 3 shot to fail in your first year, After it does, you file bankruptcy and go get your MBA. [After you steal someone’s identity to escape the crippling secured debt that you have incurred over the course of your life]

E. I got a political science degree…what else am I supposed to do?

F. You have felt that God has wanted you to go to a top fifteen law school and become an associate at a prestigious firm. What you didn’t see coming was God’s sense of humor when lose your job due to economic restructuring and now do a weekly podcast with your truly in a vain hope that someone will pay us lots of money to drink and record our thoughts about the legal practice. [It's a good first show...I think...I was kinda drunk]

G. Trick question, there is no appropriate reason to go to law school.
Despite the sad economic times, dealing with people that suck and a boss that doesn’t like Microsoft Word, I still love being a lawyer.

Even though I took reason C.