Thursday, June 04, 2009

It’s not the size of the firm, it’s the strength of their pop up blocker that matters

Artful: What do you know about the Hague convention and Italian law concerning letters of request as part of discovery?
Me: Absolutely no freaking idea
Artful: I thought you were a litigator
Artful: You are no help whatsoever
Artful: I am Googling the Hague Convention and Italy to get the answer that I need
Me: I'm glad to see that mega firm attorneys and hack lawyers like me get their research answers the same way
Artful: The information superhighway is the great equalizer
Me: Then your litigation support staff shows up, polishes it, reworks it a little and voila $500 an hour. As for me, I start with the googling, but end up distracted by the ads for free porn
Artful: ....
Artful: free porn.....
Artful: .....
Artful: .....
Artful: .....
Artful: whew-OK I am back
Me: I'm glad that the ambulance chaser can step in and distract the high and mighty super associate