Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Answering the age-old question of how far an attorney can shove his foot into his mouth without even trying

A Plaintiff’s attorney had just finished defending his client’s deposition. He walked out of the conference room and was waiting to discuss the case with the Defense counsel. The client had gone to the bathroom and there was only one person within earshot sitting several feet away. Defense Counsel strides up to the other attorney after having completed a successful deposition and without warning begins:

Defense Counsel: You know what your client needs? She just needs a man to tell her that she is pretty and have sex with her. She’s a good looking woman. I know I’d have sex with her, and come on, you’d do it too.
The Plaintiff's Attorney is standing in stunned silence as the other person that was in the immediate vicinity walks up to these two lawyers
Defense Counsel: Can I help you sir?

Plaintiff’s Counsel: I’d like you to meet my client’s husband.
At this point, Defense Counsel has lost all color in his face and appears to be ghostly white. He turns, mouth agape, eyes widened, without speaking and hurriedly walks away leaving the Plaintiff’s Counsel to deal with wreckage.