Thursday, May 28, 2009

I may chase the ambulance, but I don’t have to sign up what I find on the inside

Potential Client: If I see my doctor and he tells me that I can go back to work, but I don't want to, if I retain your firm, can you give me another doctor.
Me: We believe that our clients should find their own doctors for treatment.
Potential Client: Well, what if I can’t find a chiropractor, what am I going to do then?
Me: [Getting frustrated] You’ve been to the hospital and your primary care doctor, those doctors would best be able to recommend your best treatment options.
Potential Client: Then why would I want to hire your firm?
Me: [Regaining my composure] If you retain my firm, it would be a working relationship, and in that relationship we expect our clients to actively seek their own medical treatment.
Potential Client: What type of attorney won’t refer me to a doctor?
Me: [Now, I’m losing my cool]I am not a doctor. We are lawyers. The doctors you are seeing can best assess what you need.
Potential Client: I’ve talked to several attorneys who will, why won’t you?
Me: [Nearly yelling] Because I am not willing to compromise my ethical duty to inflate your settlement. If that is the type of attorney you want, I wish you the best of luck.