Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I am so looking forward to Thursday

It’s never a good thing when the hectic pace starts before 7am.

A series of e-mails started going back and forth with an East Coast Biglaw Partner co-counsel on a matter that got dropped in my lap at quitting time yesterday. The long end of the short of it (15 or so emails, 8 calls, multiple profanity laden tirades directed at my helpless laptop later and 5 hours later), I got done what needed to get done. Now, I’ve got a date with a federal judge. It’ll be fun. Or it could be an unmitigated disaster. It could go either way.

That hectic rush was replaced with my afternoon dispositive motion argument. The highlight: “Counsel, I really liked your brief in opposition to Defendant’s motion” Thanks, your Honor. “I’m going to grant the Motion to Dismiss.”

The day in sum: rush, rush, rush, rush, get a judicial compliment, promptly lose, go back to the office, work late to catch up on the minutia.