Friday, May 29, 2009

It’s the cycle of Friday life

9:30: Enjoying a casual Friday. Jeans. Shirt. No Tie. Enjoying a lazy Friday morning of brief writing and g-chatting.
9:34: Partner calls me in. Attorney we work with is going to miss a court call due to car problems. Needs emergency cover. Important client then interrupts our ad hoc meeting.
9:36: Run to closet, grab suit bag, ignore espresso stain on pants, tie tie, close office door, strip, change, look like a champion.
9:42: Return to Partner, provided the details.
9:47: Run to the Daley Center.
9:51: Receive frantic text messages from newbie attorney who needs a little help.
9:53: Find newbie attorney.
9:55: Help newbie attorney get bearings.
9:59: Walk into the appropriate courtroom.
10:02: Step up in front of the judge.
10:08: Leave with exactly what the lead attorney wanted.
10:10: Saunter away from the Daley Center.
10:18: Starbucks.
10:23: Arrive back at the office.
10:25: Lose suit and tie. Jeans on. Stress off.
10:30: Back at the lazy Friday morning of brief writing and g-chatting.