Monday, January 03, 2011

Maybe he died because he wanted to escape you?

Caller: I want to sue my fiancé’s surgeon.
Me: Why don’t you tell me what happened?
Caller: I was visiting my fiancé at the hospital. I left and when I came back the next day, he had surgery and had died. That’s malpractice!
Me: What did the doctor do wrong?
Caller: I have no idea. I know that he was fine when I left. I know that they never asked my permission to do the surgery. They just took him into surgery and then he died. That’s malpractice right there!
Me: Was your fiancé in a coma?
Caller: No.
Me: Was your fiancé mentally ill or disabled?
Caller: No.
Me: Was your fiancé lucid and mentally competent when you left?
Caller: Yes. He and I were making wedding plans before I left.
Me: It would seem that he made the decision to go into surgery on his own, wouldn’t it?
Caller: The doctor shouldn’t let him done that. That’s malpractice.
Me: Setting this aside, why did he die?
Caller: They said something about organ failure. That’s makes no sense. His organs were fine when I left him!