Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Leaving J. Lyman Stone and Associates

One of my friends has been extremely unhappy in his job.

Underpaid, overworked and frankly just fed up with the crap of his firm he started the job search. Which went nowhere fast. After that, he tried to become more involved in the firm in an effort to prove his worth with the hope that the partners would reward the diligent young attorney.

Which they did. By exposing him to the office shenanigans.

Without giving too much detail to protect the soon-to-be-convicted employer, various law enforcement agencies have been investigating the partners of this firm for an extended period of time. My friend is the young attorney turned cooperating witness who just finished his final day by sending a notice of resignation after one last court appearance.

The following is the actual text of the letter that was sent to employer with his office keys enclosed:

Dear [Name Redacted]:
  • Hours spent driving per week to the office…. 10
  • Gas….$320/month
  • Dog Daycare….$450/month
  • Average monthly paycheck: $1800/month
  • Hours wasted watching your boss commit ethical and criminal violations…Innumerable
  • Sending your boss to prison….PRICELESS
Consider this my resignation. Effective immediately.

Good Luck.
I’m not sure what is one step past burning bridges on the way out the door...but this has to be close.

And I’m not sure I could have done it better myself.