Monday, October 11, 2010

This is what happens when I watch Monday Night Football and read e-mail

1. Brett Favre is old. And I really am sick of hearing about his sexting habits. He's 41. Sexting is a domain left for teenagers. And politicians.

2. I am a member of two different professional e-mail listservs for trial lawyers. It's really funny seeing the left political leanings (rantings) on one and the right political leanings (ravings) on the other. My realization is that both sides can wax rhapsodic about 'justice' but as soon as you enter a courthouse there is no such thing as 'justice'.

3. It's National Coming Out Day. I would like to come out saying that I hate all idiots with equal passion.

4. My new goal: I really want to be named one of Illinois' Top Lawyers Under 40. By the time I'm 30. I've got a lot of votes to bribe between now and June 2012. [My ego needs feeding...]

5. I've had a lot of motion arguments, pre-trials, client meetings and a trial in the last month. But I haven't had a deposition in what seems like forever (they keep getting rescheduled!). I'm really want to grill somebody. Under oath. And then sing a few questions just to freak them out a little bit.