Monday, June 14, 2010

Improving my asking and answering

I have spent time over the past several days reviewing the transcript from the deposition that I took while suffering from Vuvuzela brain. I have determined that several things need to change in my deposing-while-hungover strategy:

1. Less cursing on the record. Using the phrase “holy shit” or “oh fuck” do not come across as excited utterances on the pages of a deposition transcript. They come across as if I had screamed that in a church. While the pastor was giving a sermon.

2. Ask for a break, don’t just take one. Nothing screams “I have to urinate all over the court reporter” like matter of factly announcing you are taking a break. And rushing out of the room.

3. “Strike That” does not strike that. When you are stumbling over the English language (like you’ve just been released from Nurse Ratched’s head injury unit) relying on “strike that” will not act as an eraser to the final transcript. It just highlights for your partner the multiple places where you just lost your ability to intelligently communicate with another human being.

It’s all about tweaking the little things. And avoiding to soil ones clothes while sitting in opposing counsel’s conference room.