Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fostering successful client relations

At 12:15, I get a call:

Reception: Your client is here.
Me: Great. I’ll be right with him.

I hang up the phone and return to work on this persnickety complaint. Time starts to meander by.

12:22—Continue finalizing a pleading
12:27—Partner Calls
12:31—Check e-mail
12:32—Check Twitter
12:34—Check Fax Machine
12:36—Print Finalized pleading for partner review
12:38—Deliver pleading to partner
12:39—Research cause of action for potential client
12:43—Begin gChat and continue research
12:50—Why do I feel like I’m missing something? Check calender. Find nothing.
12:53—Opposing counsel calls.
12:54—More Twitter and e-mail while the phone call continues
12:55—I guess I should get some coffee.
12:56—Hey look, my client is sitting in reception. What’s he doing here?