Monday, January 04, 2010

2010's Opening Salvo

I don’t make resolutions as usually they are things that I need to be doing anyway. (And I want more motivation to do these things past February 1.) That being said, I am looking at the New Year and trying to figure out what’s what. Thus, I am doing a little Pro-Con debate for the beginning of the year:

Pro: I was in Court to start the New Year. (Objection!)
Con: I started the new year 0 for 1 in contested motions. (Objection sustained)

Con: I didn’t win the ABA Blawg 100. I finished third (second place loser)
Pro: did. (Damn well deserved)

Con: I have the makings of a mullet. (“Mooleigh”)
Pro: Nair is sold in large jugs. (And a haircut scheduled for tomorrow)

Con: There is a mountain of overdue and unfinished discovery on my ‘to-do’ list
Pro: Sanctions have yet to be filed.

Pro: I have a job.

As you can see, this year has the makings of choice. This year also has the makings of a Cubs World Series, an American World Cup victory and an assortment of other hallunications. I’m hopeful for big things this year. Now it’s time to get to work on them.

Let’s get to it.