Saturday, December 12, 2009

Who's calling?

Palsgraf on Foreseeability, Trojan on Damages
Caller: My daughter got pregnant, I want to talk to a lawyer to see what I can do about it.
Me: Ma’am you are talking with a lawyer and why do you think you need to talk to a lawyer?
Caller: My daughter was in rehab and she got pregnant! That shit shouldn’t happen!!!
Me: Was this an attack?
Caller: No. It was consensual.
Me: How old is your daughter?
Caller: 32.
Me: Who did she sleep with?
Caller: Another patient.
Me: What, exactly, should have the hospital done?
Caller: She wasn’t in her right mind! She shouldn’t be doing that shit. She just had a kid. The hospital should have known that she didn’t need another kid.

His face is liable for running into my fist!
Caller: I think I need a lawyer
Me: Why is that?
Caller: It was snowing. I applied my brakes, I started skidding, I crossed the lanes and I was hit by oncoming traffic.
Me: You crossed into oncoming traffic?
Caller: Yes. And I was ticketed for driving too fast for conditions! Can you believe that?
Me: It sounds like you were driving too fast for conditions.
Caller: What do you mean? The other drivers shouldn’t have hit me! It’s their fault!
Me: It doesn’t sound like it.
Caller: What???