Friday, December 18, 2009

Death is not a laughing matter, a funeral on the other hand…

I’m about to head to the funeral of a family member that passed away this week. Without doubt, there are other ways I would have liked to spend my Friday morning.

As one might expect, the ambulance chaser diligent young attorney in me has his antennae up for a potential client opportunity. It’s not every day that a regular morbidly obese person dies from extensive and invasive cardiovascular surgery.

Since he was not an immediate family member, I’ve been wondering what the protocol is on the following:

  • Do I ask the estate executor to view the medical records at the wake or the funeral?
  • What is the potential punishment for leaving my business card in casket?
  • What if I leave another attorney’s business card in the casket?
My mother was not understanding when I floated these questions by her. I'm not sure why...