Wednesday, September 23, 2009

First we pray, then we joke!

As has been par for the course over the last several weeks, I have been running around with my hair on fire incredibly busy. If it isn’t important motion deadlines, appellate brief schedules or acting as a personal assistant/cabana boy/life coach for my partner, it’s been something as equally as pressing.

Today was nothing I hadn’t experienced before: My boss got a call from another one of our partners asking about a case where the statute was expiring at the close of business today. As would be expected, we got everything done and I got a call about 20 minutes ago letting me know that everything was filed and that there was to be no malpractice fears today.

After the all clear was given, I talked to my partner: “Uh…yeah…that was the filing clerk…he was in a car crash or car theft or something and won’t be making it to the Clerk’s office in time…”

It’s not that I am getting used to flirting with professional malpractice, I’m just getting used to the practice of law. Or something like it.