Monday, August 03, 2009

We interrupt this communications blackout to bring you this message from our sponsor

I apologize for the silence here for the past few days, but it has been nearly unavoidable. As I mentioned previously, our firm has changed office spaces. This has been sheer hell, chaos & fun. Or something like that.

Today is the first day in the new digs and the kinks have yet to be worked out. For instance, my message light won’t stop flashing on my phone. I’ve checked my voicemail about 2700 times since 8:30 this morning and each time, even after deleting the messages, it still flashes. I’m about to toss the phone off the desk.

In addition:

  • My new file cabinet only lets me open one drawer at a time. I keep forgetting this because the old one didn’t. And I just end up kicking and pounding on the damn thing to open. People keep wondering what all the noise is about
  • We don’t have a working fax machine on the floor. But we have teams of technical people attempting to set them up.
  • The shiny new T1 line that was supposed to be up and running? Not so much. Stealing internet is so hot right now.
Anyway, I can hope that in the next few hours, the kinks will ease and life will return to normal. As for me, my pre-move preparation has pretty much allowed me to not skip a beat with my workload.*

[*Just in case you were wondering, this is me bragging right now. Everyone else is still running around here with a depraved look in their eyes, fear in their heart and their smartphone permanently out to check their schedules.]