Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Thus far, this has been the only excitement for the day

It was 9:26 in the morning and there I was, sitting at my desk, surfing the internet and sipping my morning coffee. Today was going to be a light day of action. Just a day of office drivel. If I was really lucky, I was going to take a long lunch and maybe, just maybe, leave the joint early for the day.

Then the phone rings.

On the other end is a solo practitioner that our firm does work with every now and then. He sounds panicked: “Uh…Namby…I..uhh…forgot a court date and I was supposed to have a pre-trial memo before the judge this morning…”


“Yeah…so…I’m out in the boonies and won’t be able to make it into the city for the case management conference…and I haven’t done the pre-trial memo…would you go cover my ass with the Judge?” It’s now 9:28 a.m. “Sure” I respond as I think to myself, it’s not like I have anything better than going on right now. “What time is the call?” [File this as things not to ask at 9:29 in the morning]

The answer: 9:30a.m.

Well. I wasn’t like I did have anything going on. I grab my coat (after realizing that I cannot get a tie on while running) and sprint the entire way to the Daley Center. I catch the first elevator up and as I rocket skyward, I realize that I am dripping with sweat. I get off on the appropriate floor and continue the run towards the Courtroom. I quickly scan the callsheet. Nothing. I check my notes (while sweat drips onto my legal pad…total hawtness I know). I rescan. Still nothing.

I take a deep breath, stride into the Courtroom and step up to the Clerk (while praying that the Judge doesn’t see what a hot mess I am). After conferring with the Clerk, it is determined that the case wasn’t up for another two weeks. I about face and walk out of the Courtroom. Call the lawyer. Tell him he’s an idiot. And I saunter back home.

All this hustle and by 9:56, I’m back at the office. Surfing the internet.