Monday, August 17, 2009

I am awesome. (Awesome is spelled i-d-i-o-t)

Medical Staffer: I just wanted to let you know that all of the medicals have been taken care of and there is no outstanding lien claims.
Me: That’s fantastic.
Medical Staffer: Would you like me to fax a confirmation over to you?
Me: I would greatly appreciate that. Let me know when you are ready for my fax number.
Medical Staffer: All set.
Me: My fax is 312-555-2222
Medical Staffer: (Pause) Isn’t that your phone number?
Me: (Longer pause) No it isn’t. (Pause part two) Yes it is.
Medical Staffer: [Laughing out loud]
Me: I feel like an idiot now.
Medical Staffer: [Still laughing]
Me: The fax number is 312-555-1111
Medical Staffer: Could you repeat that, I couldn’t hear you over my laughter

This could be my finest moment as a lawyer.