Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I cannot believe what I just saw…

The U.S. just pulled off the biggest international sporting upset since the 1980 Olympics.

They just beat the mighty, the 35 games in a row unbeaten, the FIFA World Number One Spanish National Team 2-0. In fact, one could argue that today’s win made the USA v. USSR look eerily similar to a passerby giving a beggar a few lose coins. [That’s my argument and I am sticking to it]

I screamed in delight while on the phone with another lawyer when we went up 1-0.

I danced around the office at 2-0.

I imitated the Tiger Woods fist pump at the full time victory whistle.

The referee today, Mr. Jorge Larrionda, was an old topic of conversation for yours truly. I have never trusted Klingons him and I never will…I will never forgive him for the death of my boy travesty that was Italy v. United States in the 2006 World Cup (For a refresher on my thoughts about look here and here). He’s a douchebag. Yep.

Anyway. I am basking in the delight of the 90 Minute Miracle. And National Pride.

Mr. Larrionda did what he always does: suck at life and show a red card. This time, the United States overcame the ref.