Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Whereupon this Attorney has lost his mind

I have taken over a conference room in a bloodless coup to prep for a major deposition next week. The entire table has documents covering it and my laptop is sitting squarely in the middle of the table. iTunes is open and cranking out music on shuffle as I plot my deposition strategy. While immersed in this tantalizing case, Baba O'Riley by The Who starts to play.

And without thinking, I start busting out along with it: "DON'T CRY, DON'T RAISE YOUR EYE, IT'S ONLY TEEEEEENAGE WASTELANDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!"

It's kinda like playing Rockband with Artful and Alleged Lady, except that the secretary outside this conference room now has proof that I am a little nuts.

Back to work...sigh.