Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Going up?

I was part of the usual crush of lawyers getting into a Daley Center elevator this morning. 20 people crammed into a single box rocketing the collective 17 to 23 floors above means entertainment is always a possibility. Today, the lot of us get packed in and we fall silent for about five seconds until one attorney turns to another attorney out of the blue: “So Counselor, have you seen the latest Jonas Brother’s movie?” Silence.

I stood perpendicular against the car wall which allowed me to see all the other attorneys react to this: 15 of us are stifling laughter (I'm biting my lip), three cannot figure what is going on, the target of the question is attempting to figure out how to exit a moving elevator and the questioner just figures that she needs to keep digging herself a hole by asking more questions. “You said you were going to see it? I was just wondering…” No response. “Was it Jonas Brothers or Miley Cyrus?” Nada. “I thought you told me that you liked the last one that you saw?”

Finally, the attorney who seemed a wee bit embarrassed by the topic that his interrogator chose did the proper and just thing: he blamed his wife.

I love elevator rides.