Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Five things on this lovely Tuesday Morning

1. Foot in mouth disease: I ran into a friend (and law school classmate) of mine that lives in the same town as I do at the train station this morning. I usually see him when I need to be in earlier than normal because he always takes an earlier train than I do. The conversation went as follows:

Me: “Running late this morning?”
Him: “Nah”
Me: “Then you are just slacking off. I like it.”
Him: “I actually lost my job and I am heading in for an interview this morning”
2. I am a little self-conscious: I cannot pronounce the word ‘radiculopathy’ and this causes me to look stupid in court.

3. An open word to the guy on the train this morning: I understand that you felt the need to dress up today by wearing mismatched pajamas. I can overlook the fact that you bear a striking resemblance to Frodo Baggins. I was taken aback when you took out your plastic bag of supplies and started knitting. I was stifling laughter when you were explaining your knitting project to the woman sitting next to you. What I did not see coming was your frank admission that you are currently studying for the bar exam.  I worry for my profession.

4. Panic, Stress and Frustration: It is always a good thing when you discover that the last minute project due first thing in the morning to the Court has the run on sentence from hell. It’s even better when you realize you didn’t save the electronic copy on your laptop thus preventing editing on the commute into the city. This is when the panic ensues and I fly into the office to make multiple changes in 5 minutes, print out three copies and run to the Courthouse. What is frustrating is when the Judge decides that he doesn’t actually want the filing and you just wasted your time and increased.

5. Trying to recover from my Joe Biden imitation: After I successfully removed the foot from my mouth, my friend told me he still has access to his office for a short period of time as he looks for a new job. I told him he should hire a butler, light a cigar and throw a sexy party. He seemed to think that that would adversely impact his chances for a positive employment recommendations. I seemed to think it would be a great idea.