Monday, March 02, 2009

A note of congratulations, best wishes, and whatever else you are supposed to wish two newly engaged people

In a what is not a surprise to any of us, Daisy Duke and The Wayward Esquire (or as LBA readers know him, ‘BISMOW’) are now engaged.

About 10 days ago, the good Wayward Esquire let me in on his grand scheme and I must admit that knowing this information beforehand was cool.  Not being able to tell any of our friends, well, that was kinda cool too.  

When we all went out the day before the proposal was scheduled to occur, I definitely had a hard time keeping a straight face when Daisy started listing her extensive plans for the weekend. All I was thinking as she was talking at dinner was ‘You don’t know what is about to happen’ and ‘Namby, you'd better stop smirking otherwise she might know that something is up and then she will never forgive you for ruining this moment for her’ and ‘I am going to have me some crabcakes.’

Anyway, I am thrilled for the both of you!