Wednesday, February 04, 2009

What I've learned today

From the fashion police: The older the attorney, the higher the likelihood their comb-over will succumb to a wicked 8 strand Mohawk-esque hat hair.

From the water closet: The more important the client, the harder it is to not laugh while they experience a case of explosive diarrhea. As a side note, it’s also challenging to silently laugh and not soil oneself at the urinal.

From the desk: The phone is evil. It interrupts the work. And the gChatting.

From the law: When asked about a question of law dealing with the 11th Amendment, I definitely sat behind my desk, listened intently, all the while surreptitiously using Wikipedia to figure out what the 11th Amendment actually says.

From when I behave like a first grader The Land of Motion Drafting: 4 years removed from Torts class, ‘Duty’ is still funny. My discussion with a partner on regarding a Defendant’s possible motion for Summary Judgment and our response was this: “I’ll just say, ‘Judge, “Doooty”’ and that’ll be that…Doooty.” Yeah, I am three years old sometimes. Duty.