Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Two links and then a morning commute rant.

Link #1: I went to go see He’s Just Not That Into You with Artful and The Alleged Lady last night. It was an entertaining movie (the sidebar does says I am a closet chick flick fan…) and Artful has an exquisite review with anecdotes about my addiction to my iPhone and stuff posted here.

Link #2: For those of you looking for something completely different (or shall I say ‘serious’) from yours truly, I posted over at the advice blog Wish I Would I Had Known an e-mail I wrote to a new lawyer on their first day. I know that site is supposed to ‘be for law students’ and ‘all about law school’ but I am all about broadening the horizons and shameless promotion.  And maybe you newbies out there will find it useful.  Ok, serious time over and now shutting up.

Rant: It is ghastly apparent that most people in the city do not understand how to walk to work with an umbrella when it is raining. I got hit in the face twice and in the hands once by people meandering with umbrellas on the 5 block walk to work. They were totally oblivious with their damnable golf umbrellas. I believe it should be perfectly acceptable to push these people into the wall. And then sing a little Rihanna at them.