Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How could clients get the idea that their lawyer doesn’t care about them?

It’s 60 or so degrees outside. It’s glorious. Or so I’ve heard. The fact that I have not left the office since I got here 5 hours ago is not what I am writing about today. Nor the fact that today’s ‘must complete’ list has ballooned to over 20 items. This self-deprecating post surrounds one of my bigger cases.

Over the past several months I’ve met with the client multiple times, taken all of the depositions, drafted all of the motions, and genuinely worked hard for this client. Today’s discovery happened as I was finalizing the settlement. It turns out that in every document that I have drafted, filed, mailed or sent to anyone involved in the case, including the client, I have spelled both the client’s first and last names incorrectly.

I can’t really defend myself here, although it isn’t like his name is John Smith, but I figure that I can at least laugh at myself. Then apologize to the client.