Sunday, June 08, 2008

I am so ready for some Football. Winning Football.

A'Hottie and Eddie have both discussed the EURO 2008 soccer championship in recent posts. It's a damn shame that my favorite team, England, played like Michigan facing Appalachian State during the qualification rounds. They sucked. They didn't make it. And the next day they fired their coach. But I digress.

A'Hottie and Eddie both have decided that they are going to root for four teams: Swicroromssia (Switzerland, Romania, Croatia, and Russia). You ravenous fans can purchase the official T-Shirt here. It was put to me that I could root for Swicroromssia and be in the 'club' if I forswore not to root for Portugal. I initially wanted to be part of this group, but then I decided that it's best to go with my gut [even if I don't have catchy apparel to buy off of CafePress]

And now it's time for me to declare my teams.

Under no circumstances will I root for Italy or France. Those who root for those teams are the total embodiment of Yankees, Michigan, Notre Dame and Dallas Cowboy Fans (A convenient acronym for this lot of people is: j.a.c.k.a.s.s.). I won't root for the countries that make up Swicroromssia because that's for Eddie and A'Hottie. So I shall root for teams with my favorite English Premier League Players and one with a lost soul that plays in the Italian Serie A.

My Teams:

1. Germany. Jens Lehmann is a stud. As a ManUtd fan, I should't say I like Micael Ballack, but I do. Any team with a player whose name is Bastian Schweinsteiger is just awesome. And afterall, I am German.

2. Portugal. I'm a Manchester United fan. I have been since the early 1990s when my soccer coach showed us videos of them playing. Christiano Ronaldo, the prima donna himself, is ManUtd's bestest offensive player, and thus I shall root for them. Sorry guys. Deco is a stud in his own right. They should win this tournament. Winning is good.

3. Netherlands. I love Ruud van Nistelrooy. I love the Nike Football ad with the unknown Dutch player. And I sure can't forget the Man U goalkeeping stud that is Edwin van der Saar.

4. My Underdog: Sweden. They are going to likely get rocked versus Spain in the first round. But Zlatan Ibrahimovic is awesome.

There we have it. I'm at odds with the supporters of Swicroromssia. But I can deal with that. I figure I'd only be in big trouble had I declared unwaivering allegiance to the French.

Now onto the football!