Monday, September 17, 2007

The Extraordinary Life of an Unemployed J.D.

There is a school in Chicago currently using the tagline: 'preparing people to lead extraordinary lives' in their latest ad campaign. After hearing the ad, it made me think about my current job search.

I made Dean's list in undergrad several times and again in law school, I had a good job during law school, and I won a National Trial Competition along the way. That was the preparation, my 'extraordinary life' now consists of sleeping, sending resumes, and playing Xbox 360. [I'm pretty damn good at Xbox 360]

One of my smart friends (I define smart as a guy that has passed the patent bar, is fluent in Spanish, and has a damn good undergrad degree) got in touch with a recruiter to help aid in his job search. The voice on the other end went something like this: "You didn't grade on to law review after your first year and because you went to the school that you did, there's really nothing I can do for you. Thanks for calling. Good bye." Nothing like being handed an excuse to drink in the morning...

I guess the extraordinary life that we were being prepared for was figuring out how to pay off student loans when no one wants to hire you.