Sunday, July 22, 2007

Just another 48 Hours

The Homestretch is Here:

  • I have slept on my parent's couch the past two nights because I am too lazy to make the walk to my bedroom upstairs.
  • I have not changed clothes since Friday morning.
    • Nor have I showered.
      • Or Shaved
        • Yes, I look like a Yeti.
          • And smell like...well...I am not sure what...but it is bad nonetheless
  • If I flunk, I am going to blame David Beckham ESPN
    • Yeah, I spent 3 hours not studying and watching the hourlong ESPN Beckham Pre-Game Promo and then the two hours watching the game anxiously and eagerly anticipating the moment #23 would step onto the pitch.
      • The moment it happened was awesome.
        • Right here I want to say something snippy to Dicta, but my brain has the intellectual capability of a bowl of Malt-0-Meal
  • I think I understand Secured Transactions.
    • Not so much the Rule Against Perpetuities.
      • But who cares?
        • Answer: Not me.
Is it time for the Bar Exam yet?