Sunday, July 22, 2007

Please, Oh Please, Make the Ringing Stop

Tuesday is the bar exam. And what should I be doing today? Studying. And I have spent 5 or 6 hours studying today. (Go me!)

I also spent several hours this evening playing for my soccer team. [I'm the goalie.] This might have not been the best decision of mine to play this evening. The 'smrt-ness' of my decision to play this evening was made clear to me in the second half: The attacking side sends a through ball that catches my defender a step behind the streaking opposing forward. I get off my line in a hurry because I must close down this attacker's angle of attack on the net.

I'm five steps off my line and less than ten feet from the attacker when he fires a shot. My momentum carries me towards him and towards the oncoming ball and I did not possess the luxury of being able to get my hands up in time. But thankfully, this attacker decided to not place the ball in any area which needed my hands to block. And just like that, my face came to the rescue and blocked this missile from going into the net.

Up I stand. And as soon as I see the ball has been cleared. Down. Goes. Frazier. After about a minute of making sure my teeth were still intact and that I wasn't missing any eyeballs, I finished out the game. It's been an hour and a half since it happened. One pair of my glasses are broken. My head is killing me. My face has an imprint of the ball. I feel woozy. And we lost, 2-1.

Now I must study for the bar some more.