Friday, June 22, 2007

This week by the numbers

Nights I've spent at my apartment since last Friday: 0
Trains taken to and from the city: 10
Average time saved each day by commuting the 25 miles from my parents house in the burbs to BarBri each day instead of traveling the 4.5 miles from my apartment: 30 minutes
Substantative BarBri Sessions Held: 5
BarBri Sessions Attended by Yours Truly: 4
Number of mornings where I could not roust myself from bed to face the day of contracts: 1
Approximate Number of pages from the Conviser Mini-Review Read: 100
Number of Questions that I still need to do from the BarBri Workbooks: Too many to count
Number of Hours that my law school Bar Examination Skills person says that I should study each day: 9
Number of Hours, including the class, that I spend studying during the week: 5-ish
Number of Hours I anticipate studying over this coming weekend: 8-ish
Number of Hours I studied last weekend: 0
My Favorite Bar Study Location: Any Golf Course
Holes of Golf that I have played over the past 5 days: 81
Number of golf shots that I holed from 35 yards out with my lob wedge yesterday: 1
Times I've called the above shot The Shot of My Life: 4
Number of Times (Daily) that I Google 'iPhone News': 6
Chances that I study today: Slim
Days until the Practice Exam: 3