Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Fun Games we play in BarBri

Have those that have gone through BarBri or are currently experiencing the torture on a daily basis noticed that Conviser is the butt of all the jokes of the other professors? Needless to say we are noticing these professor's various idiosyncrasies [it's not like we are paying attention]. One of my friends came up with an idea to pass the time: betting. Nothing says diligent 'lawyer' like making wagers on what things will be uttered by a trained professional. Yes, this is what we do with our time.

On Tuesday, Professor Spak's Lecture had odds laid on his potential joke material for the three hours he was with us that day:

Sex Jokes: 4 1/2 (did not cover the spread, he had 4)
Wife Jokes: 2 1/2 (did not cover the spread, after belittling his wife in his first session with us, he went 0-for the game)
Conviser Jokes: 5 1/2 (sadly, did not cover because King Richard came in at three)
We have another day of Professor Epstein for Contracts and after experiencing him today, here are the odds as I see them for tomorrow:
Stories involving Epstein and a naked Sharon Stone in the shower: 2
Conviser Jokes: 7 1/2
Jack Bauer References: 1/2
Inappropriate Religious Jokes: 2
Instances of Epstein ripping law school professors for the way that they teach: 9
It's like gunner bingo, only with money on the line.