Monday, May 28, 2007

Savoir Faire: Memorial Day Food Blogging

Today has been a good day to eat in my house.

It started with a Breakfast after the morning workout: A three egg omelette with Cilantro, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, and Cheese. De-lish!

Then it then moved on to the holiday meal of the day. My roomate's fiance acted as my sous-chef and we went to town: Grilled Peppercorn Chicken, Rotini covered with a light Pesto sauce, Grilled Asaparagus with a Tarragon Butter Reduction, Fresh Corn on the Cob, and a tossed salad.

Now that I have emerged from my food coma, I am off to study Commercial Paper [what a way to end a holiday...not]

Oh yes, the lesson of the day: Serrated knife + finger = ow. ow. ow.