Friday, May 25, 2007

The BarBri Life...

The first week is done. After three days of the Almighty Conviser this is what I know thus far:

  1. We do not settle lawsuits on the Illinois Bar Exam.
  2. We do not trust the bar exam authors.
  3. We do not love any plaintiff nor hate any defendant to any lawsuit.
Other items:
  • Pneumonics are a lot fun. "I Prefer Free Base Dope" will be my key to passing the remedy essay. It's either that or "Incest Promotes Family Breakdown." The best that we could come up with for these letters was "I plow five bitches daily" and for another was "Virtual Sex is Matchmaking for Dummies." This is where our minds are at 10 in the morning.
  • We covered political activism: "Do you want to show your greater sensitivities about the environment or do you want to pass the Illinois Bar Exam?"
  • As I look at my notes from today's class, I really wonder why I have written in huge capital letters and circled for emphasis these two words: GOAT FUCKING. Not sure where I was going with that thought this morning.
  • I would pay big money, even more than the $2700 I already have, to hear Professor Conviser utter: "Denny Crane"
And finally, the coolest thing that I have seen in the past three days is a pair of sandals with beer bottle openers built into the sole.