Thursday, March 01, 2007

Casual Thursday just became Fashion Faux Pas Thursday

Normally I get to wear jeans into the office on Thursdays. It's a nice change of pace from suit and tie Mondays and Wednesdays. However, the weather has just nixed my plans to be somewhat presentable. I was on an errand to a PowerFirm. It was just supposed to be an in and out. When I left my office it was dreary, but not rainy. The in and out meeting turned into a 15 minute stay. Into a 45 minute stay.

When I finally got back outside it is gale force winds (ok, maybe a slight exaggeration, but this is the windy city) combined with a nice steady rain shower. I had to 'borrow' an umbrella from the partner I was there meeting with. Let's just say that this umbrella had seen better days. And begin the 5 block walk back to the office (I couldn't justify to myself taking a cab).

5 blocks and 10 minutes later. The umbrella had blown inside out twice. I almost collided with my Managing Partner on the street (whom I didn't recognize when he said hi) as I was speed walking back to the office. My jeans are soaked. My Ecko's are soaked. My wool coat is soaked.

Unfortunately, I do not keep a spare set of clothes in my office. I do, however, keep a pair of dress shoes in my desk along with gym socks (yes, odd combination I know). So, until my shoes dry out, I'm parading around the office in jeans, Black Coach dress shoes, and white socks.

Yes, I know, I have style.