Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Yesterday evening, I got home and it was like an early Christmas present: another grade! Finals are still going on at my school and already have 3 of my 4 grades. Apparently my professors are using this method to getting the grades in early.

Today is the Office Christmas Party. Clients and the Management Team will be at this soirée and last year's was a blast. The booze flows freely, the food is fantastic, and the company is professional. My goals for tonight are simple:

Tomorrow, well tomorrow is not going to be fun. I go under the knife to fix my knee at Northwestern Medical tomorrow morning. I'll be on some groovy pain pills for a while so I'm not exactly sure when I'll be back to my jovial self again.

To those that still have finals, best of luck, you'll be putting on your beer goggles soon enough. To those that don't, enjoy your vacations, offices, and bar tabs.