Monday, October 02, 2006

Game On!

As a tribute to not studying, not reading, and not being gunners, Moonlighting in Misery and Anonymous Law Student have come up with a blawg-based game. Naturally, I jumped at the offer to take part in it.

Blawging the BLUEBOOK: Things That Go Bump in the Night

The Rules:

2. Have it back within a week. (Deadline is next Monday, 9th, at noon).
3. Send your answers to
4. Winner is whoever has all correct the fastest.
5. His Highness, Mr. Misery, has final authority on who wins.

The Prizes:

1. A .jpg trophy with your name on it designed by the fabulous aLs.
2. Choose one topic for every participating blawger to post on the following Monday.
3. Choose the contest topic for the following month.
4. A FREE T-SHIRT of your choosing from MiM's stores Here or Here.

The Questions:

1. Which blawger is described by the following rhyme?

This blawgger is always in a state of fright,
that a zombie attack might go bump in the night,
this student is no fool,
he knows zombies will eventually attack his law school,
so even though you might think he's a sap,
This blawger drew up a tactical law school zombie map.

2. In her post, "And now for today's Sexuality and the Law reading excerpt," Ruth quoted an old Plymouth Colony law involving conversing with devils. Which two devils are named in that post? Amicus Curiae, March 2006.

3. On July 20th, Lily Graypure says that she's never seen a ghost or been posessed by a demon. She then claims that never seeing a ghost or demon or feeling the hand of god is evidence that its ok for her to go into corportate law. Why? LawSchoolVirgin, July 2006.

4. The littlest tortfeasor thought that a middle-of-the-night car accident sounded like ________, which is why she blatantly ignored it and went back to bed. Little Tortfeasor, September 2006.

5. The casts of what two 1980’s shows sang at Moonlighting in Misery’s wedding in his post A Midnight Visit from the Ghosts of Posts Past? Moonlighting in Misery, September 2004.

6. When is it acceptable for a one year old to have breasts the size of oranges? 3 Blind Mice and a Sister-In-Law, September 2006.

7. This blawger shows her patroitic side by who she wants to bump her in the night. Who is it that she wants? Legally Blonde, August 2006.

8. One member of this blawger’s study group wrote herself a simple note of one thing she had to do the night before the final. She wrote it on her outline. What did the note say? The Namby Pamby, May 2006.