Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Class Discussion

The Professor asks if a judge should be subject to discipline for being caught with a stripper (that he picked up at an exclusive gentleman’s only club) while driving drunk. A class discussion follows in which the class participants express outrage how at a moral, upstanding individual could engage in lascivious activity such as this.

Via IM:

(19:43:32) 3L: total bull shit
(19:43:39) 3L: judges should be able to hang out with Strippers
(19:43:40) 3L: seriously
(19:43:42) 3L: fuck that
(19:43:51) Me: and drive drunk?
(19:43:58) 3L: I mean, the illegal speeding and drunk driving is not okay
(19:44:02) 3L: but those things are illegal
(19:44:11) 3L: and hanging out with whors is not
(19:44:14) 3L: *whores
(19:44:28) Me: shit...judges have to be 'ridin dirty'