Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Adventures in Futility

My school requires those who wish to take part in OCI to attend a software training session or watch a video of the training session before students can access the OCI software. Today, I bit the bullet, and went to watch the video.

Career Services Person: Can I help you?
Me: I’m way beyond help
Career Services Person: O-o-okay…
Me: I’m actually here for the mandatory training video for the OCI process
Career Services Person: Right, let me just sign you in
Me: So, is this video as useless as everyone says?
Career Services Person: [Stunned at the question] This video is vital for the software!
Me: Right…
As I am watching the orientation video, which was shot by hand, in the law library
“What a useless piece of garbage, I might as well be watching a trained walrus eat a baby seal…”
30 minutes later, back in the Career Services office
Career Services Person: So how was the video?
Me: Brilliant. A cinematic masterpiece. The plotlines were riveting
Back in the office, software password in hand, checking OCI list for 3Ls
Me: [To a rising 2L] 10 employers. 2 of interest. Zero that I fit their GPA requirements. Top 10 percent my ass. I could have eaten that video and had a better shot at getting an interview.