Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A kind message to Law Professors at three Illinois Law Schools

If you want the focused attention of the kiddies sitting in front of you, be more interesting.

Thank you,


9:30am Rant Update: The train ride into work this morning gave me pause to digest the above article. There is at least one student quoted in the article. Full name. Is it just me or is this guy asking for trouble? I was taught a simple lesson growing up: never tell on yourself. This student went and told the world what classroom activities he preferred.

How should a professor react to someone telling him point blank: "I think you are boring and I use the internet to keep from falling asleep in your class. I'd rather watch paint dry then be subjected to your classroom demeanor. Seriously, you teach like old people fuck: slow and sloppy!"

I guess I am not the type to put a bulls eye on my back. I like to do things anonymously. You will never catch me giving an attributed quote to the newspaper about what I do in class at my school. Come on. That's what this blog is for.

Back to work...

5:30pm Update: Who says this: "I do it all the time, just looking at the scores," said Viet Pham, a first-year law student. "Sometimes we go off on a tangent, so I do it to keep awake."

Seriously. SERIOUSLY! The professor is quoted in the article!