Friday, May 05, 2006

Office E-Mail Tips #13

My office, like many others I am sure, is signed up for a e-mail listserv dealing with the primary focus of our office (global takeovers, world domination, and charity work). Well, a lot of other law offices [like ours] is signed up for this particular listserv and it is heavily used and read by the attorneys and clerks in this field. The problem with this valuable resource is that it is an auto-forward type of system, so that anything that is sent to it will be bounced back to the entire group.

There is no moderator approval. Hit send and the entire world will soon know your thoughts on how best to deal with Equatorial Kundu.

Now, I've said all this because in my work e-mail this morning I there happens to be a collection of these messages. Now please, please, as a message to the world out there, please check to see who you are sending to before actually sending your messages.

Or else a message like this will be broadcast to the universe:

[I]'ve got to leave for my meeting now and won't be back till around 10:00 and you will be asleep. good night baby. i miss you, but will see you soon. i wish i could give you a nice long sensual kiss before you go to bed, but i'll save it for when i come out there. isn't it funny how it worked out after all. sleep well. all my love [Name removed]
The office believes, that both the sender and the receiver are married. Just not to each other.