Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I did my good deed today

I get to the office where my oral argument is about to take place. I sit in the reception area because I'm 15 minutes early and I begin to review my very sparse notes. I really hope the judges pepper me with questions, because I'm in serious trouble if they don't.

That's when I hear it.

Ka-Thwump. Ka-Thwump. Ka-Thwump.

I recognize the sound: someone in high heels is running. An attorney appears in a huff. "[He] just fell out of his chair. He is having a seizure and bleeding at the mouth. We were doing a mock appellate argument..." Oh no. This can't be good. To the receptionist "Call someone!"

I'm sitting there watching the receptionist wondering if I should go help. Then I see the confused and horrified look in her face. That's when it happens. "How do you dial 911?" [My thought: You have to be kidding me] By now another attorney who was in the room with the attorney who was ill has arrived. Three educated adults. Staring over a phone. Trying to figure out how to dial 911. Wow.

You might not believe this, but I was anticipating this: I already had my phone in hand with the number dialed, thumb on the send button. [911 advice to all y'all: don't restrain him, don't put anything in his mouth, and turn him on his side when has stopped convulsing]

The end story: as far as I know, the guy is ok after being carted off by the paramedics. I think the same is true for my classmate who had just finished speaking when this went down.

And I didn't have to do the oral argument.