Thursday, March 02, 2006

What? I'm normal

In no particular order, these are the behavioral traits that I am starting to exhibit:

  1. A strong urge to work "Id." into my daily conversational lexicon. Upon deeper thought and a second Red Bull, realize that working the italics into the conversation may be harder than it looks.
  2. There is the growing desire to start citing everything. (See Generally thenambypamby, statements to the world, et. al. 3/2/06 et. seq.) Though, I am sure that this would get tedious after a while and I might just throw some tabasco on the Bluebook and have a snack.
  3. I continually ponder if it would be a good idea to create pet names for the various Senators that I reference in my brief. Though I think the professor might be a tad put off if I start using 'Numbskull Redneck Motherfucker,' 'ShitforBrains,' and 'Hawkeye' in discussing policy. Come to think of it, I probably shouldn't even be using Senators from the West Wing and their various floor speeches...
Now back to the grind.