Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Wednesday Wants to Know...

After a brief hiatus, it's back. We all love this incarnation of the blog meme, so Elle and I couldn't just stop. This week's topic is the sanity inducing life blood, coursing through the veins of law students everywhere: Alcohol.

This week's trifecta:

Question 1

a) What's the best drink to aid you to make your mind an etch-a-sketch?

Jagerbombs + Gin and Tonics + Martinis + Not having to pick up the tab = No memory, no stomach contents
b) What will you sip/nurse/chug when you are in a social setting and you cannot appear to be a lush?
As un-manly as it might seem, I can go through quite a few (12+) Amaretto Sours while still being able to have the ability, if not the legal right, to drive, offend sensible people, and pee on myself
c) Some say you are being cultured, others say you are an alcoholic; when drinking alone, what is your poison of choice?
A couple three bottles of Bordeaux
Question 2: What has your drunk-ass done to embarass the shit out of yourself the most?
I believe I confessed an undying infatuation to a girl that a fraternity brother of mine was dating while he was at the bar getting a drink for her. I further believe that a) my girlfriend was right behind me b) I said that she was fabulous no less then 5 times and c) that I strongly insisted she go out on a date with me. It was one of those nights.
Question 3: In your best Thomas Crown impression, what is the best way to debonairly buy a person you are attracted to a drink?
Since I am as suave and debonair as an unflushed toilet, I believe the best way is to have your waitress deliever the drinks with a point to the table/area where I am currently located. Where I will not pay an ounce of attention to the transaction and wait [hopefully] for the lady to come over and thank me [and then have her monstrous boyfriend beat the shit out of me].
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